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1803 Candle Jar

by 1803 Candle Company
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1803 Candles are a shop favorite.  Hand poured and formulated in Illinois these candles use American soy.  Available scents are highly fragrant.

Each 14 oz. jar burns for approximately 80-90 hours.

1803 Candle Scents are also available in tarts (also known as melters or melting wax).  To order tarts for melting in a wax warmer,click here.

Not sure what scent is for you? Order our scent sample kit.
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Interested in giving 1803 Candles as gifts?  Consider custom labeling if you plan to order 6 or more. Learn more here.

Scent Descriptions

Apple Butter House
Nanny put's up her apple butter for the season…(cooked apples, butter & clove)
Apple Dumplings
fried apple dumplings sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. . .
Banana Walnut Cake
Moms walnut cake is so good, because it was made it love...
Basil & Berries
(1803's blend of melons, berries, basil & peaches)
Bread Pudding
bread pudding brings everyone into the kitchen…(warm spiced sweet bread)
Buttered Rum
reminiscent of simpler times…(dark rum blended with butter, sugar and cloves)
Cabin on the Hill
simple and peaceful...(woody spice, firewood and greens) love love love this scent!
Caramel Apple
reminiscent of simpler times... (you will love this all year long)
Christmas at the Farm
we take buttery toffee to our neighbors
Cookie Tin
(1803's spice cake blended with butter, sugar & oatmeal cookies)
Cookie's for St. Nick
(1803's snickerdoodle cookie)
Crab Apple Farm
Mr. Jones gives us apples for mama . . . true green apple scent
Cranberry Cupboard
old cranberry cupboard shows it's age...cranberry and cinnamon
Farm Pantry
(1803's cranberry & pumpkin muffins)
Good ol' Apple Pie
(spiced apples & pie dough)
Graham Cracker
reminiscent of simpler times…(blend of brown sugar, vanilla, gingerbread & warm spices)
Grandma's Kitchen
needful fixin's for baking...fresh oatmeal cookie
Grated Cinnamon
ground cinnamon wrapped in brown paper....(cinnamon stick with bakery notes)
Lavender Sugar
reminiscent of simpler times...(vanilla sugar blended with lavender buds)
Lemon Drop Cookies
reminiscent of simpler times...(sugar cookies with lemon zest)
Maple Sugar House
the maple butter is just a boil'in in the old shack out back...
Mistletoe Kisses
mama and daddy kiss under the...(mixture of soft greens & berries)
Mom's Kitchen
a place where everyone gathers anytime of day . . . creamy caramel, nuts and spice
New England Cupboard (also known as Southern Welcome)
the ladies in the village welcome  families with their best recipe . . . marmalade bundt cake
Northwoods Cabin
with the breeze you can smell the berries, the leaves and the trees in the forest...
Old Dough Bowl
dough bowl filled with, cinnamon stick, clove and lot's of spicy rosehips... (crushed cloves)
Perfect Pumpkin
homes are adorned with cornstalks and the perfect pumpkin. . . distinct pumpkin and spices
Pine Needles and Berry
grandpa cuts the first tree of the season...(pine cranberry, orange and spice)
Plain ol' Vanilla
reminiscent of simpler times
Pumpkin Cornbread
Nannies recipe books say's to add a pinch of honey...
Pumpkin Hollow
the best pumpkins can be found at pumpkin hollow (pumpkin cinnamon crunch)
Spice Box
the spice box hangs in the summer kitchen with ground cinnamon, clove buds, nutmeg, allspice...
Strawberry Preserves
Rich berry taste…(1803's blend of berry's & sugar)
Summer Spice
bundles of sage and cinnamon hang in the summer kitchen...
Village Mercantile
drygoods, grains and spices and needful things (cinnamon maple crunch)
Vintage Harvest
we are blessed by a fruitful harvest...(applebutter, ginger cookies & cinnamon)
Wood Stove Pie
a tin pan holds a flaky crust with creamy custard and spices
Yuletide Cinnamon
fresh boughs drape from the buttermilk cupboard...(bakery cinnamon and a little pine)

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